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Alicia Kobasic grew up in Brunswick, Ohio which is about twenty minutes south of Cleveland. She is a second-year student at Bowling Green State University, and she is majoring in multiplatform journalism with a minor in pop culture. She is also a member of BGSU’s Honors College. She is the promotions director for WBGU-FM, which is the college radio station on campus. That means she is in charge of posting on their social media pages, planning radio events, making sure articles are posted on their website and creating a team of people to help out with promotions related activities. Outside of that she also assists with copy editing articles for the BG News, is an Honors College Ambassador and a member of Alpha Lambda Delta-Phi Eta Sigma Honors society. She has always loved music and decided she wanted to incorporate that love into her career somehow. So, she decided to combine her love of writing with her love of music and decided to pursue a career in the field of music journalism. After she graduates from BGSU she hopes to find a job with a music-related publication of some sort. One that she would love to work for his called Alternative Press and they are based in Cleveland. They cover music in the alternative, pop-punk, punk rock genres, which she enjoys listening to. Her goal is to be able to travel around the world and interview up and coming musicians and bands about their music, goals, writing process, etc. She would also like to cover different music festivals and concerts for the publication she would be working for. Another dream of hers would be to start her own online music publication. However, that would be years down the line once she has had some experience in the field of music journalism. Check Out WBGU-FM’s website here and Alternative Press’s website here Follow her twitter here.

Audio Story-Faces of BG

Chloe Koon is a sophomore at BGSU. She is studying Forensic Science with hopes of attending medical school to become of forensic pathologist or a medical examiner. Koon has loved science, especially biology for many years. She has been able to combine her love of science with her academic scholarship to find her place at BGSU. You can listen to her full interviw here.

picture of Chloe Koon

Audio Story- Working in the Union

The Bowen-Thompson Student Union is a place on BGSU’s campus that allow students to grab food, buy some Starbucks, catch up with friends, check out Falcon Outfitters, study, use the computer lab, among many other things. With all that goes on in the union, it is usually a place full of noise. From the noise of people buying and paying for food or waiting in the long Starbucks line, talking with their friends, promoting their clubs, working on projects, there is hardly ever a time when it is quiet in the union. However, even with that noise, it is still a place that students choose to do homework. Three students describe why they like working on their school work in the union and what some of the benefits are.

Downtown Bowling Green Slideshow

Downtown Bowling Green, OH has several different buisnesses that students at Bowling Green State University can check out. These businesses include restaurants, coffee shops, ice cream places, stores and many more.

BGSU Construction: Video Voiceover Project

The current construction project going on at BGSU is building the new business building. The building is set to open for the Fall 2020 semester.Check out the the video on the project here.  

Olivia Martin and her time at St. Thomas Moore Universtiy Parish: Final Video Project

Olivia Martin share what spending time at St. Thomas Moore University Parish has meant to her over the last year.