Where in America?

As a true crime fanatic, I’ve listened to countless hours of podcasts and have seen almost every documentary. I seem to gravitate to learning about serial killers. There will be one thing I won’t understand, and that is how their minds work. It is absolutely fascinating.

One of the oldest questions in profiling a serial killer is nature verse nurture. To me, that would have normally meant if they were born with the urge to kill, or if they learned the behavior. But, as I was listening through a series on Spotify, I noticed I kept paying attention to where they were born.

Now, I only took about 30 people and only focused in the United States for the purpose of this project. I think it makes it easier to focus on a particular area this way. After compiling a list of well-known serial killers, I charted them on a map.

As you can see, interestingly there’s a majority of dots on the East Coast and the points charted on the West Coast are focused in California. I know this doesn’t mean if someone lives on the East Coast they’re going to become a killer, but it does raise an interesting question: Why are there more serial killers born on the East Coast?

There is a concentration of killers born in the New England States, namely New York. This could simply be because of the large population compared to rural states.

Whatever the reason behind this strange correlation, I do not know. But, I found it an interesting enough topic to chart the points.

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History of The Toro Company

Anyone who has a family business knows, you grow up there. I grew up at our family business Al-Joe’s Pet & Garden Center Inc. My great-grandfather started the business 100 years ago. Amongst the many products we sell are Toro lawn mowers.

Most children like to ride bikes, I liked to ride lawn mowers. I was always curious about the history of what surrounded me on a daily basis. It’s always interesting to see how businesses got to where they are today. After years of riding and selling the machines, it was time I took a deep dive into the company’s history.

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How to Care for a Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Photo by Skylar Kang from Pexels.com

Plants are all the rage these days, and I have to admit, I too am a plant mom. I adopted my plant from a sale rack and gave it the TLC it needed. Being a first-time plant mom, I had no clue how to take care of the beautiful but stubborn fiddle leaf fig tree (FLFT). Through reading numerous blogs like Greenery Unlimited, I’ve picked the top tips to share with you.

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The Martin Home ’17-’21

My family began building our home during my first year of college. It’s four years later, in my final year of college, that I can look at these photos and reflect on what those four years have been like. This house went from a one-dog household to a three-dog household in the matter of a year. Seven more grandkids for my stepdad. My brother got married and bought a house. I studied abroad in Austria. My family’s business turned 100 years old and is expanding.

It’s amazing what can happen in a few years.

In a Day

Today, I learned we should be expecting up to nine inches of snow. We have yet to see much snow this winter. The best thing to do during a Bowling Green snow storm is grab a book, make hot chocolate and watch tv. Lately, Criminal Minds takes up most of my free time. Anyway, that’s all I did in a day.

BGSU’s Meredith Dial

Bowling Green State University student Meredith Dial talk about her involvement in a student organization trying to make a change in the Bowling Green community on and off campus.

The organization she belongs to is trying to reach out to students hoping they will join the group and help make a difference. Interested in learning more? Take a listen here.