About Me

Hi, and welcome to my page!

Hello! I am Rosiland Fletcher, a sophomore at Bowling Green State University, and I am majoring in Multiplatform Journalism with a minor in International Studies. I’m an Ohio native, and grew up in Westerville, Ohio which is roughly 15 miles from the city of Columbus. I am a 2018 alumna of Westerville South High School where I had an encouraging and diverse atmosphere, peers and teachers, that are a part of the reason I am pursuing a journalism degree.

A passion and an aspiration I have is to write the stories typically forgotten. I want to write about the people in the world who only have one story according to the world, but I want to put a light on the true stories, not simply the stories the world holds or the ones the mass media don’t bring attention to. This has started at BGSU through reaching out to underrepresented students, and broadcasting diversity and inclusion

In my first-year at BGSU, I had the chance to experience the work of a copy editor, editiorialist and journalist. This academic year, I am the copy chief of The BG News and work under the umbrella of BG Falcon Media. In this position, I am responsible for the last process when putting together a paper, where we check grammar, punctuation, AP Style and a few other components before the paper is printed.

Besides the position of an editor, I also hold the position of a student journalist. I write news articles and forum articles for The BG News. I write about a variety of subjects, from race to politics, to even various components of life. In my writing, an I approach I take when writing an article is creative, yet precise and to-the-point, as it is in journalism.

It is great to get the experience of a newsroom as a university student before going into the market, and has allowed me and my peers to find our passion of what we want to do in the work of journalism. The work I do, I absolutely love it, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

In the future, I hope to move to the New England region and work for a news outlet, whether if it is a large company, or a small start-up. I would also like to work for either BBC, National Geographic or The Irish Times, doing either international and/or freelance journalism, writing the untold stories.