Audio Story – Behind the BG News

Editors at the BG News.
(Left to Right) Forum editor Mary Ross, Managing editor Abby Shifley, Campus editor Hunter Huffman.

Falcon Media is the umbrella term for student media at BGSU. The BG News, BG24, WBGU and other student-run platforms are accessible for students to participate and utilize their skills, whether if that is in writing or broadcast. BG News Campus editor Hunter Huffman, and Forum editor Mary Ross share what it’s like working for Falcon Media and the BG News. Click below to hear what they¬† have to say:


FacesofBG – Maggie Trace

Maggie Trace is a sophomore adolescent-young adult, integrated language arts education major at BGSU. Growing up in inner-city schools, she didn’t think she’d have a chance in the future, but moving to a different school district, she was able to find her passion of teaching. Click below to listen to here her story:

Maggie Trace

For the full interview, click here.