2021 Suicide Rates

Suicide affects individuals across the world, and it is a noted statistic being taken into April 2021.

The graphic demonstrates the suicide rates by a country’s rank and between the male and female sexes. The male suicide rate is significantly higher in comparison to female suicide rates, despite countries like Lesotho and Myanmar that have a high female suicide rate than male suicide rate. 

On the national level, the United States suicide rank is 27, with the suicide rate at 15.3. The male suicide rate at 23.6 and the female rate at 7.2.

The country in the top suicide rank is Lithuania with the male suicide rate being at 58.1 and the female suicide rate being at 9.5 per 100,000 people in the nation. The country in the low suicide rank is Antigua and Barbuda with the male suicide rate being at 0 and the female suicide rate being at 0.9. There is a distinction between the two nations and their populations, Lithuania being at 2.794 million (2019) and Antigua & Barbuda being at 97,118 (2019). The statistics demonstrate how suicide massively affects populations worldwide, though certain numbers may be significantly higher compared to others.

If you or someone you know is struggling or has had thoughts of harming themselves or taking their own life, reach out to the Wood County Crisis Line (419-502-4673) or The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1-800-273-8255).

Timeline of the Murders of Officers Joering and Morelli

The timeline gives a brief overview of the 2018 murders of officers Eric Joering and Anthony Morelli. There’s explanation of the situation regarding perpetrator Quentin Smith, and the two officers on Feb. 10, 2018. For more coverage of the situation from 2018, WSJ provides coverage of the situation.

Understanding immigration in the 21st Century

The American political system — immigration being an institution within the system — is without a definite structure when it comes to establishing an attitude towards immigration. When there is change between each administration within the government, immigration continues to fall between an encouraging or discouraging attitude — airing on the side of discouraging.

There are avenues between American politics and immigration, which affect the livelihood of immigrants in the U.S. and their ability to establish themselves in the U.S. as potential, naturalized American citizens. There is not a simplicity to the process of immigrants coming to the U.S., but when immigrants are able to settle, we see a shift of opinions in American politics.

The end of the Trumpism Era has led to a misunderstanding of immigration, and has rather led to the growth of discrimination against immigrants. It is significant to research and understand the truth about immigration in the 21st Century, considering post-Trump policy and the establishment of the Biden Administration policy. In the image below, there are resources regarding migration and perspective on immigrant narratives – a place to learn the means of immigration.

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Americans keeping up the caffeine intake during coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has taken a critical toll on the way people live across the globe, including the way Americans live. From the shutdown of schools and businesses that keep the U.S. on its toes, the major health crisis led to an economic crisis. In this economic crisis, the coffee industry suffered massively without customers coming to get a daily cup of joe.

According the National Coffee Association, Americans that generally drink coffee away from home “decreased by 20 percent.” The nationwide lockdown and the impact it had on small businesses, including local coffee shops, has a financially negative affect.

However, despite the unfortunate crisis, Americans started to brew their own coffee and learned to move the coffee shop to their respective home. There was a major coffee trend from TikTok for “whipped coffee,” also known as “Dalgona Coffee,” a known Korean specialty coffee.

The aftermath of the pandemic, and the influence of social media trends has led to an increase of making coffee at-home, rather than buying coffee. Occasionally, coffee consumers have supported local coffee shops through purchasing a beverage or coffee beans to keep them open. Then, those same consumers save the extra buck by making their own brew each day.

The COVID-19 pandemic has lended to a large percentage of Americans brewing their own coffee at home and learning to create special forms of coffee – like an iced caramel latte!

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A Day in the Life: 20 January 2021

Inauguration Day is truly a happy day!

Today, I went to get coffee with a friend and completed a few school assignments. As I was finishing an assignment for my Immigration course, I watched the Inauguration of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. I spent the rest of the afternoon is classes and meetings, and will be completing homework the rest of the night.

A Gateway to the Gospel


Gateway Church EPC, a church based in Findlay, Ohio, opened a new campus in Bowling Green, Ohio. The church has been established for over a month, and is gradually expanding to the community.

Audio Story – Behind the BG News

Editors at the BG News.
(Left to Right) Forum editor Mary Ross, Managing editor Abby Shifley, Campus editor Hunter Huffman.

Falcon Media is the umbrella term for student media at BGSU. The BG News, BG24, WBGU and other student-run platforms are accessible for students to participate and utilize their skills, whether if that is in writing or broadcast. BG News Campus editor Hunter Huffman, and Forum editor Mary Ross share what it’s like working for Falcon Media and the BG News. Click below to hear what they  have to say:


FacesofBG – Maggie Trace

Maggie Trace is a sophomore adolescent-young adult, integrated language arts education major at BGSU. Growing up in inner-city schools, she didn’t think she’d have a chance in the future, but moving to a different school district, she was able to find her passion of teaching. Click below to listen to here her story:

Maggie Trace

For the full interview, click here.