BGSU Campus Then and Now

BGSU has been a home away from home for college students, starting all the way back when it was first founded in 1910. Through the years students from this university have achieved much success, whether it be from academics or athletics. Even if it was just a hobby, Track and Field was the cornerstone for athletes that attended this university, right next to football.

The campus has changed immensely throughout its history, as new developments must constantly be made for the growth and advancement of society. One of the biggest changes stemming from the demolition of the original football field/track, which used to be where now bell tower/middle of campus lay. While there isn’t much prominence when it comes to Track and Field, the “shot put” event has always been a strong suit for BGSU. The current football field is now just off the highway of I-75, for any and all to see it as they pass by. While this area has changed, walkways still range the campus in every direction where you can find students roaming to get to their next class. Photo Cred: @BGSULibraries Twitter ID: @jelston47