Topgolf Adventure

Topgolf is a game for any and everyone, which allows for a very fun and interactive experience. This place serves as the ultimate driving range, where you can chill out and have family time, or you can compete amongst your friends to see who is the best golfer. The unique atmosphere that Topgolf provides is what keeps people wanting to come back for more! Photo Credit: Jake Elston. Twitter ID: @jelston47

BGSU Campus Then and Now

BGSU has been a home away from home for college students, starting all the way back when it was first founded in 1910. Through the years students from this university have achieved much success, whether it be from academics or athletics. Even if it was just a hobby, Track and Field was the cornerstone for athletes that attended this university, right next to football.

The campus has changed immensely throughout its history, as new developments must constantly be made for the growth and advancement of society. One of the biggest changes stemming from the demolition of the original football field/track, which used to be where now bell tower/middle of campus lay. While there isn’t much prominence when it comes to Track and Field, the “shot put” event has always been a strong suit for BGSU. The current football field is now just off the highway of I-75, for any and all to see it as they pass by. While this area has changed, walkways still range the campus in every direction where you can find students roaming to get to their next class. Photo Cred: @BGSULibraries Twitter ID: @jelston47

Brock’s BG Experience (Video Story)

Every person that becomes a student at Bowling Green State University has a different experience. For Brock Petrie, Film Major, he helped shed light on his typical day of classes and what he likes to do around the BG area. Listen below and hear just a tiny piece of what it is like to be a Falcon.

Transitions to Tomorrow (BGSU)

BGSU is known for many different reasons, whether it be their esteemed education program or with new constructions/renovations being made. Within the upcoming year, a new College of Business building is set to be finalized and in use for students. This project is just one of many for BGSU to make themselves a well renowned campus.

BG Coffee Lifestyle

There are many places at BGSU for students to go and fulfill their coffee needs. One such place is Grounds for thought, which is a local coffee shop that provides a unique kind of atmosphere. Listen to hear what sets this place apart from other coffee establishments in the area.

BGSU Involvement (Faces of BG)

For many students at BGSU, it is important to get involved. There are many different organizations to get involved in and various opportunities to showcase ones’ talent. Jaymen Neff-Strickland, Film Production major, shared his experience on what its like to be a part of the BGSU community.

To listen to the full interview click here (file too large to load)

A Day In The Life

Taking a moment to sit back and look at the greatness that we have achieved to this point in our life is essential to our well-being. While it can be difficult to think about every good thing that has happened, just knowing that you have made some kind of impact on somebody’s life is the root to happiness. Stressing over finding a job post-college, is the point at which I am at with my life, but knowing that I have done everything and anything in my power to achieve this, there isn’t much to worry about. Getting multiple opportunities in college for internships and organizations on campus have helped mold me into the sports career field that I am about to embark upon. The attached resume should help give a better understanding of what I have been able to achieve to this point in my life.