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My name is Darby Collison, I am a fourth-year student at Bowling Green State University majoring in Public Relations while double minoring in marketing and entrepreneurship. In my free time I enjoy experimenting with make-up, my favorite brand to try new things with is Tarte. I am a retired soccer player along with a track and cross-country runner, but still enjoy running as well as playing soccer in my free time. I am currently learning how to cook; my grandmother is one of the greatest role models in my life and someday I hope to be able to cook as well as she does. While learning this new specialty, I have discovered a few life lessons I can use in my personal life as well as my work life. While I am currently employed at Jed’s Barbeque and Brew located in Perrysburg, I have had a wide variety of jobs that taught me a range of life skills. Through these experiences I have learned better communication skills and teamwork. I use my teamwork skills outside of the work environment when not only hanging out with my friends but inside the classroom as well. By experiencing a wide range of jobs, I have learned the skills to help me work in almost any work setting. When completing a task, I give it my everything, I am very task oriented as well as self-motivated. I go into the day with the mind set of being ready to learn something new, and always listen to other individuals' thoughts and opinions. I adapt to my environment quiet easily which gives me an assortment of not only jobs, but the positions I can take on. I can relate and work with a variation of people which makes the completion of tasks go more smoothly as well as have a better outcome.

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My audio story is here. Here is the original interview.