About Me

My name is Andrew Bailey. I am from Dublin, OH, which is about 20 minutes outside of Columbus. I attended Dublin Coffman High School and ran cross country and track there. I am a Multiplatform Journalism major at BGSU with a minor in English. I used to be an Adolescent to Young Adult Integrated Language Arts Education major, but I switched because I realized I enjoyed writing more than education. When I switched, I became a copy editor at the BG News for a year, and then applied for the position of Pulse Editor, which I now hold.

Although I have only started journalism relatively recently, I have built up a resume of various works, including articles for the Sentinel-Tribune, as well as the content I have produced for the BG News. I have primarily focused on entertainment, but I have written a few features and human interest stories. The articles I have written for the Sentinel-Tribune include stories about pedestrian crosswalks, cycling and a local band, as well as a feature on a nearby garden called GardenView that will be in the Home & Garden magazine. I mostly focus on entertainment because not only is it my editor position, but it also where my interests in journalism lie. I enjoy reviewing music, movies, TV shows, video games and anything else that falls under entertainment. I also enjoy following entertainment news and developing my own ideas about various facets of the entertainment industry, and then putting that into an article.

My experience in journalism includes my time writing for and copy editing for the BG News, writing for the Sentinel-Tribune, practicing AP style, interviewing and other journalistic skills in my classes and following various news outlets by keeping up on their current event coverage and other content.

For my future in journalism, I hope to break into entertainment journalism. Whether that be reviewing movies, interviewing celebrities or covering breaking news in the industry, it incorporates my passions with my future career, which is ideal. Specifically, I’d like to write for Variety, Entertainment Weekly or The Hollywood Reporter, because I enjoy reading their articles and have taken a lot of inspiration from them for how and what I write for the BG News.

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