Average rent prices in five MAC towns

College students must consider a variety of factors to determine if a particular rental unit fits their needs. Some of these factors include the safety of the home, location, amenities and rent prices.

For first time renters — which most college students are — comparing the units they look at can help thin the herd.

According to a study done by Bowling Green’s East Side Residential Group, Bowling is the “only medium-sized, college town” that does not have mandatory rental inspections.

This means that college students can risk signing a lease on a home with fire and health issues, since they will only be inspected if tenants or landlords request it.

But the safety of a home is just one factor, as the price of rent is also an important determinant of a home’s overall appeal.

According to Bob Maurer, owner of Greenbriar, said if the Bowling Green City Council’s Community Improvement Committee passes legislation on mandatory inspections, landlords would likely pass on the costs to cover them to students.

But Maurer doesn’t want to see this increase in rent.

“I think BGSU, from what I’ve been told by the university officials, has some of the more favorable housing costs throughout the Mid-American Conference. I think we’re about the lowest there is, and I’d hate to see that go up,” he said.

In comparison to Athens, Kent, Toledo and Oxford — four similarly-sized Ohio college towns — Bowling Green currently sits in the middle.

As of April 2021, Bowling Green’s average rent price is $779 a month. Toledo, Oxford and Athens are lower, sitting at $719, $697 and $469 respectively.

Bowling Green has been somewhere in the middle of these five towns in regard to rent prices since the coronavirus was first recorded in the U.S. in January 2020.