PS5 Thinglink Project

Photo taken by Andrew Bailey

Released on Nov. 12, 2020, the PlayStation 5 is Sony’s fifth generation console. It features multiple technological innovations over its predecessor, the PlayStation 4, both in the console itself and its controller, the DualSense. Click the various links above to learn about the new console and controller, and groundbreaking features it has to offer.

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Jerome Library offers variety of services, resources for students

The Jerome Library, located on the East end of campus, has nine levels, with each floor containing a multitude of resources and study areas available.

Construction on the building began in 1965, named after William T. Jerome, and was completed two years later in 1967. Architect Carl E. Bentz designed the building and the large murals on the east and west sides of the building were designed by artist Donald Drumm.

Among the many resources the library provides to students are tutoring services, computer labs, enclosed study areas and over 7 million books to be checked out.

Some floors are dedicated to particular areas, such as the third floor housing the Music Library & Bill Schurk Sound Archives, the fourth floor housing the Browne Popular Culture Library.

During the semester, and especially each semester’s finals week, the library is packed with students preparing to ace their end-of-term exams. The seventh floor houses a study lounge, where many students can be found meeting for group projects, poring over notes and assignments and studying in peace and quiet.

But like many public spaces, the coronavirus has affected how much of the library can function, and altered the hours of when some services are available. For a full list of the library’s hours and the availability of the services that it offers, click here.

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