Chi Omega’s Badge: 1895 vs. 2020

Chi Omega has a rich history spanning back to 1895, when the fraternity was founded on the campus of the University of Arkansas. The fraternity will celebrate its 125 anniversary on April 5 of this year. Over the past 125 years, much has changed in the United States and in Chi Omega, but one thing has remained certain; the history and values of the organization.

Chi Omega, now the nation’s largest sorority and largest national women’s organization, has seen rapid growth now totaling 181 chapters across the United States. Its first badge, which was made of dental gold, was created by founder Dr. Charles Richardson. Now, with choices of sterling silver or gold and pearls or diamonds, the more modern badge includes many emblems that represent the history and values of Chi Omega. Badges also include a chapter guard, showing the chapter letters of its owner as well as serving as extra support on clothing and a chain to show off pendants for those in leadership positions.

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Chi Omega Ends The Semester With Their Academic Retreat

Chi Omega hosts an academic retreat for its members at the end of every semester. With scholarship being a value heavily reflected in the sorority, exam week is time to focus on schoolwork and ace-ing exams. The retreat is  put on by the vice president, who organizes the activities and food for the members. This year, Taco Bell was delivered at the Career and Personal Development Director presented on how to create an effective resume.

Relay For Life Kicked off the Night

Relay for Life at BGSU kicked off at 6 p.m. on November 17th. The event is held every year by Colleges Against Cancer and many other student organizations that help raise money for cancer research. This national event brought 28 teams to the Perry Field House on a chilly Saturday evening.


Friday Night Lights Meets Every Friday to Help Save Energy

Friday Night Lights, an initiative sponsored by the Office of Campus Sustainability, allows students to volunteer by turning off lights and computers in academic buildings for the weekend. This program has saved the university over $100,000 since its start in 2010. Friday Night Lights meets every Friday at 6:30p.m. and relies on student help to cut energy costs down for the university. Dominique Scripter is currently overseeing the program along with serving as president of the Environmental Action Group. She was excited to rebuild Friday Night Lights after being potentially  cancelled. Elise Beaudreau has volunteered her time with Friday Night Lights as a way to give back and meet requirements for her sorority.

FacesofBG- Griffin Hopkins

Griffin Hopkins, a junior Computer Science major, was diagnosed with ADD last year. He was having more trouble than usually paying attention in his classes, which led to poor grades his first year. He knew something was different and went into his doctor for advice. Hopkins was given medicine for ADD, which has helped him focus and allow him to improve his grades for the better.

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My Resume

This post will house my resume for all to see and that want to access it. My resume has all my professional information and skills that I posses. It is currently up to date and will stay up to date. I look over it routinely and make sure that all information is up to date for those who have access to it. I spent a lot of time perfecting the wording and layout of my resume and I change it’s design every so often.

If you have any questions or would like samples of my work, feel free to reach out to me. I will be glad to answer any questions.

Here is my resume.