BGSU student’s weight loss journey defies ‘freshman 15’

Gaining the “freshman 15” is a fear for many new college students, but some students find fitness in their first year.

Sophomore media production major Hunter Huffman began his journey to a healthier self in October of his first year at BGSU. Nearly 80 pounds lighter, he is working on an eating and exercise routine that fits his busy schedule.

As a full-time student and campus editor of the BG News, Huffman’s focus on health hasn’t been easy. It’s been over a year since he started to work toward his weight-loss goals and finds himself putting pounds back on from time to time.

Using Twitter as a space to record his progress and establish some accountability, Huffman is hoping to lose another 10 pounds by next month.

Brionna Scebbi | @bri_scebbi

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Traditions to Tomorrow: Building the Maurer Center

The University’s is constructing the next step of the “Traditions to Tomorrow” master plan. Hanna Hall is being converted into a new building for the College of Business, which will be known as the Robert W. and Patricia A. Maurer Center when it is finished around the fall of 2020.

Slideshow Project

Nine members of the fraternity Pi Kappa Alpha, Delta Beta (Pike) posted photos of them dressed as Latino gangsters for Halloween — with the caption “Your culture IS my costume #CholoGang” — on Instagram.

The Black and Latino Student Unions met to discuss what they wanted to see the University’s administration do beyond the email President Rodney Rogers sent out on Nov. 6 addressing the incident. Four Pike members including the president showed up to the meeting uninvited.

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Jaclyn Gordon kneels on the sidewalk near the University seal as she chalks #noestamostodas for her midterm project.
Photo provided by Jaclyn Gordon

Senior psychology student Jaclyn Gordon chalked #noestamostodas all over campus for her LatinX Gender and Sexuality course midterm project. The hashtag refers to a social media movement that works to raise awareness about femicides in Mexico through artwork. Her professor, Michaela Walsh, said the project was meant to raise awareness about an issue discussed in class that struck the student. Gordon noted the topic of violence against women in Mexico was not something she knew a lot about before the class, but after hearing that on average seven women are murdered each day in Mexico, a statistic gathered by the U.N., she knew this is what her project would be about.

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Quinn Taylor, dressed as the BG Wizard, distracts from the Campus Ministry U.S.A. representative's message.
Quinn Taylor, dressed as the BG Wizard, distracts from the Campus Ministry U.S.A. representative’s message.

BG Wizard Quinn Taylor talks about their role on campus as an activist and how this has influenced not only their life but the lives of students around them.

Quinn Taylor poses out of costume.
Quinn Taylor poses out of costume.

The BG Wizard has appeared at several demonstrations on campus to protest by means of distraction. The messages groups like Created Equal and The Campus Ministry U.S.A try to spread to students at these demonstrations center around topics such as religion, LGBTQ+ rights and reproductive rights. Behind the BG Wizard’s guise is junior glassblowing student Quinn Taylor, who has found a niche in the Bowling Green State University community by lifting up and showing love to students affected by these demonstrations. In doing so, Taylor has become a familiar face on campus and on social media as students support the BG Wizard’s work and join in on the ridiculousness with their own costumes.