Sunflower fields in Hohenbrunn, Deutschland.

‘How did you end up Ohio?’ many people ask.

If it were up to me, I’d still be enjoying the beautiful landscapes and sparkling snow of my hometown in Littleton, Colorado, but I’ve come to find that Ohio isn’t so bad after all. Though not quite as exciting as the ‘Centennial State,’ there are little gems that make Ohio its own.

How I ended up in a state surrounded by flat corn fields, windmills and the infamous Ohio State University? Long story short, my mom is excellent at her job and received a promotion, which meant she’d be working at the corporate office building in Dayton, but I also have family here I haven’t had the pleasure of spending time with. 

The transition from my first home was one of the more notable life events in the whole 20 years I’ve been alive. Though it was hard on me at first, I learned how flexible I can be and was surprisingly independent by the time I started my junior year of high school.


I had changed my mind many times before about the career path I wanted to take. First it was an astronaut, then it was an animator for Pixar – which were at complete opposite ends of the spectrum.  When the day came to decide what career path I would walk down, I thought about what I loved doing most.

I grew up loving to write stories. ‘Writing’ was my favorite class in elementary school (aside from art of course), and I filled up the notebooks given to me by the teachers. At home, I would sit at the computer and write in a Word document for hours on end, and became frustrated when I couldn’t publish a best-seller book within that short of a time span. 

Being on the yearbook staff in 8th grade is what initially sparked my interest for photography. I took three photo classes in high school and became elated when I received my first film camera.  

Journalism was a career where I could pursue both my love for writing and my love for photography. After being a reporter, public relations intern and now the City Editor for the BG News, I know this is what I want to pursue.

I am intrigued and fascinated by the complex world around me and love the idea of learning, but I don’t particularly enjoy school, or at least the pressure to have the best grades or to be the most intelligent.

One of my favorite things about my job as a journalist is learning something new everytime I write a story, so I never stop adding to my well of knowledge. On top of that, I love getting to know people and their communities. Each person has a unique and complex perspective that helps me better understand them as well as world around me. 

Salzburg, Austria

I studied abroad in Salzburg, Austria in the spring semester of 2019 to complete my minor. It was without a doubt the hardest semester I’ve taken in my college career. As far as the educational aspect, I’m not sure I would do it again since the expectations of students are much higher and were required to complete much more work for a lot less credit. I attended classes and did the best I could on the assignments, but I didn’t think I was going to pass. I ended up just fine on the other side, though.

Getting the chance to travel and getting to know different cultures was incredible and I’m grateful for it. I became best friends with my roommates after getting into so many shenanigans together. I’m sad that they were the only ones in my program who don’t live in Ohio, but very excited for the next time I can see them.

Photo by Shaelee Haaf

Aside from my journalistic work, I decided to join the Falconettes, a club dance team at my school, and has proven to be one of the best life decisions I’ve made, as it brings me the kind of joy and love for my teammates I can’t seem to express in words.

I occasionally sit down to play the piano, though I can’t read music as efficiently, so I play by ear and learn from HD Piano instead.

My college experience has been fantastic so far filled with good laughs, tough times and a thousand opportunities. I can’t wait to see where I’m going!