Last updated May 1, 2020.

On March 8, the first confirmed cases of COVID-19 were reported. A month after cases started showing up, two people died due to the novel coronavirus. As of May 1, there are 174 confirmed and probable cases combined, 52 hospitalizations and 23 deaths.

Of the total number of cases, 61 are men and 85 are women, and the age groups that have been most affected are between 70-79 and over 80 years old.

A press release from Wood County Health Department published on April 8 stated that case numbers were expected to increase due to new reporting practices, which now include probable cases in addition to confirmed cases.

A confirmed case is “a person with a positive laboratory result for COVID-19. A probable case is generally defined as someone who has not been tested for COVID-19 but is likely to have the illness based on close contact with a confirmed or probable case, symptoms, and/or exposure to an area with ongoing community spread. A probable case must also have no alternative diagnosis, such as influenza or strep throat.”

The Wood County Health Department partnered with Toledo-Lucas County Health Department, Fulton County Health Department and the University of Toledo to create a survey that will help keep track of virus activity in Northwest Ohio. 

The data collected from the survey results may offer a better understanding of COVID-19 within these areas. This survey can also be used to best determine how to distribute COVID-19 tests to communities, should more become available. 

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