Before and After having a (Messy) Roommate

Having a college roommate, or any roommate of that matter, is a double edged sword. You and your new mate could end up being really good friends from then on, or he/she could end up being the worst person in existence and you barely even talk when both of you are in the room unless its to talk about getting groceries.

One of (if not THE) worst kinds of roommates is the kind that seems to not know how to keep a room clean. It could simply just be the copy tossing of the clothes all over the floor, to tossing trash everywhere and making the room or rooms like a minefield of filth. Unfortunately, I have dealt with this kind of roommate during my university dorm life and it was unfortunate to be with one who seems to always make it look like a dump 24/7.

This is a before and after slider of my former dorm room in BGSU’s Kreischer Ashley underneath one of the bunks. One for it being empty before I moved in, then one the day I moved in.

RA’s usually deal with this when a new semester rolls around when someone isn’t happy about how their roommate doesn’t have their same views of cleanliness. Usually the messy roomie a warning about trying to make the living environment bearable, but if they fail to keep it up to par and it keeps becoming a problem, it could lead to the student being kicked out of the dorm.

So moral of the story; clean up your rooms. No one want’s to live with a slob.

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The Remains of Harshman

Jackson Morris

Twitter: @zpizzo_ (private)

In August 2014, I moved into Harshman Bromfield Hall, arguably the crappiest dorm on campus. That’s what you get when you do your housing application so late. However, Harshman was a special place. The people I met, the friends I met, and the experience I had living there have not been replicated throughout the rest of my college career.

Harshman also had at the time the honor of being the oldest standing dorm on campus. Built in 1964, Harshman Quadrangle stood for an impressive 54 years before being demolished in 2018. The first image was taken in November 2016 (credit to bgfalconmedia) when the demolition plans for the building were first finalized. To most people, this is just a dorm being torn down and turned into an empty field. To me, this field serves as a reminder of what once was, and how drastically times have changed here at BGSU since I first came here.

New York City Skyline Changed Forever

Kari Toncre

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The New York City skyline was changed forever on September 11, 2001, when the Twin Towers were taken down by terrorists. The two huge towers, shown in the left image from 1990, were a major part of the New York City skyline seen from New Jersey. Due to their size, they were known as a landmark to residents and tourists in New York.

Today, the One World Trade Center stands in place of the Twin Towers in the skyline, as seen in the right photo taken in 2017. It was opened in 2014 and has 103 stories. It stands at 1776 feet high, making it the tallest building in New York City. A 9/11 memorial remains where the Twin Towers stood.