• Happy Halloween! You’re Unemployed!

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    This Halloween season, I worked as a ‘Screamster’ for an outdoor haunted zone, and it was unbelievably fun. The pay was good. The people were crazy. The scares were priceless. However, my favorite holiday came with a very sobering stipulation. Unemployment. I’ve been applying to every business imaginable in the vicinity of my college...

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    View products of my internship at The BG News

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    I interned with The BG News from January-May 2013, and served as Copy Chief from August 2012 – May 2013. Bomb Scare Photos Sports Design and photos 4/19/13 All sports section photos 4/22/13 Copy Editing  and headlines 4/29/13 Dance Marathon photos Copy Editing and headlines 3/25/13 Copy Editing and headlines 4/1/13 Copy Editing and...

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    Bomb scare forces Bowling Green residents to evacuate

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    All the photos are mine, several were printed or displayed online at The BG News. Read the full story here. Home » Bomb scare forces Bowling Green residents to evacuate » Bomb threat scare forces Enterprise street residents to evacuateBomb threat scare forces Enterprise street residents to evacuateSlideshowView 8 photos 

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    Steam’s ‘Big Picture’ fuses PC with console gaming

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    The same company that brought Steam to life for PCs is taking the successful platform a step further.Valve has combined software and hardware to deliver all the benefits of Steam in a console package. What this means for consumers is simple, one can now bring their friends, libraries and more away from their PCs and into their living...

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